GC Initial™ IQ Lustre Paste NF


GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF are 3-dimensional ceramic pastes developed to create color depth and life-like translucency with a single paint on application. Thanks to the “New Formula” (NF), you can really bring your crowns and bridges to life with this dedicated Lustre Paste Set, an optimal match to both “low” and “high” CTE ceramics. The product is available in a ready to use consistency. The GC Initial IQ Lustre Pastes NF are based on fine ceramic particles and can be applied in a thicker layer where they exhibit unsurpassed vitality and a very natural glaze to your restorations.

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  • With an optimal match to both “low” & “high” CTE range, they are compatible to almost all types of dental ceramic
  • They are based on fine ceramic particles, allowing a thicker application compared to conventional stains & glazes
  • Due to the unique paste medium, it has a fine thixotropic property for easy and exact applications
  • They are low fusing, ceramic pastes that do not wear like some stains, glazes, or surface protectants
  • Just one dedicated kit for all different indications for the complete GC Initial ceramic range
  • Available in a ready to use consistency (1 x Neutral, 1 x Value, 4 x Body Shades, 8 x Enamel Effect Shades)












Warning This Product can expose you to chemicals including lead which is known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Additional information

Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 3.5 × 3 mm

Neutral, Neutral Combo Pack of 3, Body Shade A, Body Shade B, Body Shade C, Body Shade D, Enamel Effect Shade 1, Enamel Effect Shade 2, Enamel Effect Shade 3, Enamel Effect Shade 4, Enamel Effect Shade 5, Enamel Effect Shade 6, Enamel Effect Shade 7, Enamel Effect Shade 8, Enamel Effect Shade V, Full Set