Mouthguard Laminates


This material has long been considered the leader in custom-made mouthguards. By laminating two layers of soft EVA together, the laminate has excellent tensile strength. All of these features make the Pro-form the material of choice for custom-made mouthguards. Available in yellow, orange, blue, green, black, purple, maroon, teal, red, white, clear and assorted. Can be ordered in solid colors, two colors or three colors. Sold in packages of 12.

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One Color, Two Color, Three Color


Blue, Green, White, Purple, Yellow, Red, Black, Clear, Pink, Green-Blue, Blue-Red, Blue-White, Blue-Yellow, Orange-White, Black-Orange, Black-Red, Black-White, Black-Yellow, Blue-Orange, Green-White, White-Purple, Red-White, Red-White-Blue, Canada Red-White-Red, assorted