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GC Initial LiSi Press is a revolutionary new pressable ceramic. It combines unparalleled strength and exceptional aesthetics. Best of all, the ingots are faster to process, its optimized to be used with LiSi veneering ceramic, and leaves virtually no reaction layer making your laboratory more productive.

GC Initial LiSi Press LD Shade Chart

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Buy 8 GC Initial® LiSi Press Ingot Sleeves,
Get 1 GC sleeve for free

GC’s new Initial LiSi Press is a whole new alternative to traditional lithium disilicate (LD). Using high density micronization (HDM) technology, the Initial LiSi Press is able to create a pressable ceramic that beats the competition in every category. The Initial LiSi Press outperforms the leading competitor in almost every category.


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Flexural Strength

In a measure of biaxial strength of several different pressed ceramics, the Initial LiSi Press came out on top with a strength of 474MPa. That is a full 7% greater than the next leading competitor.

Color Stability

In both brightness and saturation, the Initial LiSi Press stays constant for firing after firing. Even after as many as 8 firings, on any translucency, the Initial LiSi Press showed virtually no color degradation. Additionally even under these extreme conditions, there was no warping or cracking at all.

Marginal Integrity

Marginal integrity is one of the most important measures of risk when it comes to chipping and abrasion of the ceramic. The marginal integrity of the Initial LiSi Press is absolutely unsurpassed. The HDM technology maximizes the strength of the pressed ceramic. Every micrometer counts. Initial LiSi Press provides the best marginal integrity on the market today.

Wear Resistance

Resistance to wear is of paramount importance to the lab, the dentist, and the patient. Even after 400,000 slides, under 300gf loads, the abrasion depth of the material and of the HAp both showed low wear at 10μm and 20μm respectively. These figures dominate the leading competitor, who came in at both material and HAp abrasion depths of well over 25μm.


A lower solubility will always mean that the material is safer for the patient and, once again, Initial LiSi Press leads the market. When tested under 4wt% acetic acid, the Initial LiSi Press outperformed the competition by over five times. The Initial LiSi Press boasts a solubility of just around 5μg/cm2, while the competition came in at just under 25μg/cm2. The Initial LiSi Press offers the least solubility and the greatest safety for the patient, while making no compromises in quality.


A comparison was done between Initial LiSi Press and the leading competitor over two polishings with diamond
paste. Each material was polished after NaF etching using Robinson Bristle Brushes with Zircon-Brite
under the same conditions (3,000 rpm). After the first polishing, Initial LiSi Press came in at just under 90% glossiness while the competition barely came in around 80%. After the second polishing, Initial LiSi Press achieved 95% glossiness while the competitor was left behind at a mere 85%. The competitor’s second polish could not even compete with Initial LiSi Press’ first polish.


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Weight 1 oz
Dimensions 150 × 25 × 25 mm

HT-EXW, HT-BLE, HT-BLE+, HT-E57, HT-E58, HT-E59, HT-E60, MT-B0, MT-B0+, MT-B00, MT-A1, MT-A2, MT-A3, MT-A3.5, MT-A4, MT-B1, MT-B2, MT-B3, MT-B4, MT-C1, MT-C2, MT-C3, MT-C4, MT-D2, MT-D3, MT-D4, LT-A, LT-B, LT-C, LT-D, MO-0, MO-1, MO-2, LT-A1, LT-A2, LT-A3, LT-B0, LT-B00, LT-B1, LT-B2, LT-C1, LT-C2, LT-C3, LT-C4, LT-D2, LT-D3, LT-D4, LT- A4, LT-A3.5, LT-B3, LT-B4, LT-BO+