Osada EXL-M40


The Finest Brushless Micromotor System for a Dental Laboratory

Variable Speed (1,000 – 40,000 min¯¹)

Torque 4.8 Ncm with Feedback Circuitry
with LHP12 Laboratory Handpiece Assembly
and MVFP Variable Speed Foot Pedal with Magnetic Sensor

Shipped directly from manufacturer.

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  • Safe operation is assured because the MVFP Foot Pedal linearly varies the speed from the lowest through the user set maximum speed. Rotate the Speed Dial to point the Blue Beam to the top speed you wish to use for each procedure.
  • The Blue Beam pulsates on reverse rotation and warns irregularity by repeated rapid 3.
  • EXL-M40 comes complete with the LHP12 Handpiece, L12MBRUSHLESS Micromotor, MC Motorcord, and New MVFPFoot Pedal.
  • High torque/low speed operations with unbelievably quiet, smooth, vibration-free performance supplied by a compact power console.
  • Safe operation with user-set maximum speed for each procedure.
  • Comfortable-to-use MVFP Foot Pedal utilizes a magnetic sensor to provide soft-but-firm control and reduced user fatigue.
  • Easy-to-see Blue Beam indicator on the Speed Dial (the Blue Beam pulsates to indicate operational irregularities).
  • Comfortable, slender, well-balanced light-weight LHP12Laboratory Handpiece/L12M Brushless Micromotor and Cord.
  • L12M Brushless Micromotor is completely sealed and virtually maintenance-free.
  • The instant stop system on the LHP12 allows you to change burs quickly with the flip of a lever.
  • The LHP12 handpiece tip is designed to prevent shaven debris from entering the handpiece.
  • The chuck is user removable for occasional cleaning and/or replacement, if needed.  The interchangeable chucks come in 3 sizes, standard ø2.35 mm, industrial ø3.0 mm, and turbine ø1.6 mm.

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110V, 220V