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How to Shape Itsoclear Clasps

Keystone Itsoclear Clasps

TYLER LARACUENTE, CA – Itsoclear clasps are designed to produce and repair a clasp in under four minutes. This speed of production is mainly due to the use of a heat source to make the Itsoclear thermoplastic nylon soft enough to mold by pliers or even by hand.

It is recommended that you use one of two sources to heat the nylon: a burner or a hot air gun.

In the case of the burner, you will use the flame to warm the plastic until it is easy to mold, but not so much that the plastic gets too hot or bubbles. Further heat can be applied to the pliers in order to mold the plastic. The following is a video demonstrating the technique:

In the case of the hot air gun, heat can be applied to the nylon throughout the process. It is still crucial to ensure that the nylon is not overheated and does not bubble or melt. The following video demonstrates this technique:

Regardless of the technique used, it is important to adapt the nylon according to the tooth by rewarming the pliers. After the clasp is formed around the tooth, begin to create retention by bending a loop at the opposite end of the clasp.

In the end if the clasp is bulky, use a rubber wheel to taper it and use a knife to scrape off the excess.

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