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Investing and Pressing with GC’s LiSi Press and LiSi PressVest

GC Initial LiSi Promotions

As time goes on, more and more labs and techs are realizing that the new LiSi system is worlds above the competition.

The new combination of LiSi Press lithium disilicate as well as LiSi PressVest investment especially breaks the tradition of difficult and time consuming presses.

Learn more about the new product line from GC’s latest video release:

In this brief and informative video, technician Dane Barlow overviews the Initial LiSi Press System. Dane demonstrates investing and pressing ad well as pressing parameters.

It combines unparalleled strength and exceptional aesthetics. Best of all, it is faster to process, it is optimized to be used with GC Initial LiSi veneering ceramic, and leaves virtually no reaction layer making your laboratory more productive.

See the whole video here:

For a limited time, purchase any piece of the LiSi line to take advantage of the following promotions:

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GC Leads the LD Revolution & More: The Dorado Magazine vol2.2

Dorado Magazine vol2_2

In this edition of the Dorado Magazine, we dig into GC’s new LD alternative, take a look at their new investment, and explore Keystone’s clear dental partials.

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