ItsoClear Clasps


Itsoclear provides the ability to produce and repair a clasp in less than 4 minutes with cosmetic appeal unlike any other clasp.

– Saves bench time while producing a higher quality dental aesthetic clasps which customers will appreciate and increase profit margins.
– Crystal clear, will not lose clarity
– Non-abrasive
– Easily adjustable
– No injection machines or hand-held injectors required
– Perfect for new partial dentures, as well as repairs and replacing metal clasps

Use Itsoclear clasps for: repairs, acrylic partials, cast partials with clear clasps in less than 3 minutes, Replace metal clasps on existing partials, Acrylic Nesbit with clear clasps.

Additional benefits:
– Difference in thickness is .4mm
– The thicker clasps are a little less flexible and that is why it is ideal to use on molar teeth.
– If the clasp is handled properly, it will not break.
– Itsoclear is flexible, doesn’t crease or break if used properly. If you take the clasp and bend it, you will not see a white line in the clasp.
– Adjustable with warm pliers.
– Easy to work with, dentists can make adjustments chairside
– Tooth bearing, not tissue bearing



What’s the learning curve of the product?
A person with no experience can be taught how to use Itsoclear in one day. There’s minimal training for lab tech.

How do you prepare the repair to replace a clasp on an old partial?
Cut off the clasp, notch tooth and acrylic on lingual. Heat clasp into notched area.

How are clasps attached to the partials?
First create a loop with the tail of the claps for retention, then embed and cover tail with acrylic.

What happens if you over heat the clasp?
It will bubble, become brittle and break.

What is the most important thing to keep in mind with adapting a clasp?
Do NOT overheat the clasp.

How are black spots avoided in the mouth?
When applying acrylic, make sure you extend onto the inner proximal area.

Additional information

Weight .2 oz
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 90 mm

Clear Universal, Clear Molar