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No Reaction Layer, No Hydrofluoric Acid: GC’s New LiSi PressVest Investment

GC Initial LiSi PressVest

Tyler Laracuente, CA – In investment to investment comparisons, GC’s new LiSi PressVest investment might be the most game changing product they have ever released.

Currently, pressed ceramics leave behind reaction layers that form as a result of the reaction between the ceramic and softened glass. The removal of this reaction layer requires techs to use hydrofluoric acid, an unpleasant and now unnecessary part of the process.

GC LiSi PressVest does not require the use of hydrofluoric acid. In fact, it leaves behind almost no reaction layer.

Not only does LiSi PressVest eliminate the reaction layer (and the use of hydrofluoric acid), but it’s chemical properties also make it far easier to use than any investment on the market.

But the efficiency gains don’t stop there. The greatest of LiSi PressVest’s features is its time savings and flexibility.

The time to oven is flexible. You can get the same results anywhere from 20 minutes to 3 hours after pouring the investment into the ring. That means a window of opportunity of over 2.5 hours. Compare that to the fifteen minute window provided by the leading investments (30min-45min after pouring).

Working time is flexible. You can maintain the same high level of fluidity anywhere from 1 minute to 5 minutes after mixing. Compare this to the leading competitor, whose product loses fluidity in half that time. This means a longer working time and even wider windows of opportunity to truly get the process right.

Combine this with the ability to remove what little reaction layer exists with glass beads only. This means your workflow no longer needs steps requiring hydrofluoric acid nor alumina blasting. You simply press, divest, blast with glass beads, and finish. We estimate time savings of 15-20 minutes per press.

With GC LiSi PressVest, pressing ceramics becomes faster, more convenient, and more flexible. There are no compromises. Your lab gets the best of all worlds.

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