KeyCastTM Keyprint Precision 3D Resins by Keystone


KeyCast Resin-Violet-1Kg


  • For casting of crowns and partial dentures, this material produces a strong, porous-free 3D print that is resistant to fractures in even the finest of details
  • It burns out easily using existing ovens and work flows, with no residual ash, yielding detailed frames and accurate crowns
  • Available in 35.3 oz (1 kg)



 Warning This Product can expose you to chemicals that are known to the state of California to cause cancer. For more information go to

Keystone SDS:

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Keystone Industries is proud to introduce
KeyPrint™ — a new line of precision 3D resins specifically formulated for
the dental industry.
Keystone has combined its unique blend of dental and photopolymer
expertise to deliver the highest quality 3D printing resins to the dental
market. Not only has Keystone been manufacturing premium dental
products since 1908, but it has decades of experience as a leading
producer of biocompatible, cutting-edge, patented photopolymer resins.
Entirely designed and produced in the USA, the full KeyPrint™ line of
materials will be available throughout North America and Europe. These
high-quality resins are designed for use in DLP printers using wavelengths
from 365 – 405 nm and yield accurate, stable and strong printed parts.

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