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Low-Fusing Fluorescent Spray

Staining and Glazing all ceramic units can be a laborious task when using certain glazes. Many of these ceramic glazes have to be fired multiple times for the unit to glaze out with optimum results. With Enamelite Low-Fusing Fluorescent Ceramic Spray Glaze, this can be accomplished in one firing and with outstanding results. By having fluorescence built into the glaze, you achieve results that help eliminate negative results in certain lighting conditions.


Safety Data Sheet

Instructions For Use

Features and benefits include:

  • Guarantees shade-matching under natural and artificial light for zirconia, lithium-disilicate, and lithium-silicate restorations
  • Stain and glaze in one firing
  • Reduces labor cost, increases efficiency
  • Won’t puddle at margins
  • Glaze multiple thin, uniform, & accurate coats IN SECONDS
  • Faster drying than brush-on applications
  • Compatible with ALL dental ceramics

Comes in can of 46g/1.6oz.

Additional information

Weight .05 oz
Dimensions 30 × 30 × 60 mm

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