CeraFirm Ceramic Mixing System


CeraFirm Kit, 250 ml Fluid + 1x 3.5 ml Add (Concentrate)

With no limits, now anything is possible with ceramics. Introducing CeraFirm, the ultimate mixing system for all ceramics. Stabilizing additive gives you the control you need for high detail areas. Achieving high quality ceramic build-ups has never been so easy.

No Limits – the mix makes the difference

  • Range the viscosity of the ceramic by mixing Fluid + Add.
  • Easy to layer with different consistencies.
  • Structures are obtained when „over-layering“.
  • Re-position already placed ceramics.
  • Create structures and texture even before baking.
  • No Limits – Now YOU decide what is possible!

Additional information

Weight 12 oz
Dimensions 60 × 60 × 180 mm

Kit, Bottle, Syringe