Harvest ZCAD™ Poly Gum™

High impact pink gingiva blank digital denture fabrication.

98 For Wieland

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Digital dentures have arrived.

Poly Gum brings the precision, speed, and profitability of CAD/CAM process automation to removable dentistry with an esthetic gingiva solution.

High strength and outstanding esthetics.

Developed under high pressures that are approximately 40 times that of a traditional injection process, Poly Gum offers a dense, high impact gingiva polymer offering excellent tissue coloration, accurate vein simulation and outstanding translucency.


  • High impact strength
  • Excellent tissue coloration
  • Accurate vein simulation
  • Balanced translucency
  • Resistance to flexure fatigue

Mechanical Properties

Modulus of Elasticity    >1,900 MPa

Bending Strength    >90 MPa

Impact Wear Resistance    2.5 x PMMA (MW:1,000.000)

Tensile Strength    >70 MPa

Vickers Hardness HV (0,05/10)    >110

Absorption of water    >20 µg/mm3

Water Solubility    <0,8 µg/mm3

Residual Monomer Content    <0.7%

Additional information

Weight 7 oz
Dimensions 140 × 130 × 45 mm

98.5 x 25 mm, 98.5 x 30 mm


Pink/Light Veins, Pink/Medium Veins, Pink/Dark Veins