Vericore PMMA Milling Discs


Vericore PMMA Clear is a sturdy see-through burnout material that ensures positive seating and lets the technician clearly see underneath. Burns out cleanly with no residue. Perfect for long bridges where wax distortion could occur.

Vericore PMMA Ivory is a natural-looking burnout pattern material that can be tried in the patient’s mouth. Mill a veneer, crown, inlay, onlay or bridge, sprue, invest, burnout and press this tooth-colored PMMA.

Vericore PMMA Blue is ideal to use as a burnout pattern because it makes determining thicknesses easy! Just hold it up to the light and see where there may be areas thinner than you want. Simply add wax, sprue, invest and burnout! No residue. Just clean, accurate fitting castings and pressed ceramics.

All PMMA discs are 98mm in diameter and feature a collar.

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Manufacturer: WhipMix

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Weight 6 oz
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Clear, Ivory, Blue


12mm, 16mm, 20mm