Stereo Microscope


Stereo Microscope S300II – 8 & 16 power
The S300II is designed for the discerning lab technician, dentist, Q.C. personnel, hobbyist, etc. The optics (made by Olympus), has extraordinarily bright visibility needing only normal ambient lab bench lighting for viewing. It is very portable, requiring minimal lab bench space and no electricity. Working distance is approximately 5 1/2″ beneath optics or 11″ below viewing lens. An optical glass shield that is easily cleaned, seals out dust or dirt or other contaminants. The optics rotates 360 degrees. The 30 cm (12″) Flex-neck (standard) makes viewing and focusing simple and hands free with almost infinite adjustment.
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The complete set includes:

      1. Mirror body
      2. lens unit (8X)
      3. eye shades
    4. weight stand


      1. 16X lens unit
      2. Magnetic base – easily attaches to any heavy metal ferrous type surface (i.e. – hand piece motor box)
      3. Object stand/adapter – for quick viewing and focusing
      4. 50cm (20″) neck
    5. Removable eyeshades for eyeglasses – for 8X & 16X lens


Weight – 3.14kg (7 lbs)

Mirror body:

      1. Eye contact lens:
          a. G10X – Total enlargement 8 times. Visible area measurement 20-25mm
          b. G20X – Total enlargement 16 times. Visible area measurement 10-12mm
      2. Object contact lens: 0.8 x focus depth 120mm
      3. Mirror cylinder: cylinder direct vision
          a. counter prism system 12 degree angulation
          b. eye-stereo distance adjustable
              1. G10X lens 55 – 68 mm depth of focus
            2. G20X lens 53 – 63 mm depth of focus

Unit made in Japan.

Additional information

Weight 120 oz
Dimensions 331 × 230 × 408 mm

8x, 16x, 8x (M), 16x (M), 8x (N)