Quickcheck® Indicating Spray


Quickcheck Indicator Spray allows technicians to accurately pin point unwanted contact points and high spots on all dental restorations. Whether seating a crown, partial framework or locating occlusal contacts let Quickcheck help you achieve the perfect fit every time.

Quickcheck works well on any surface. The quick, instantaneous fingertip application dispenses a micro-fine layer of colored powder that sticks to all porcelain, metal and acrylic. The included applicator tip allows the spray to be dispensed in a measured and accurate form. Once dispensed the powder instantly dries, allowing a fast check of the restoration. Removal of the spray is easily completed with water and a brush or a laboratory steamer.


Additional information

Weight 5.2 oz
Dimensions 50.8 × 50.8 × 152.4 mm

Red, White, Green