Hatho Thermopol Set


Less work for better results is what the new Hatho ThermoPol Set is built upon. It’s revolutionary design and working technique will brighten not just acrylics in faster-than-ever times, but also thermoplastics such as Valplast® and TCS®. That being said, this all-in-one kit is the only of its kind on the market, and will take your denture polishing work to a whole new level.


Included in this kit is everything you need to make your appliances shine as quickly and bright as possible, in a very fast and simple process. Our Hatho ThermoPol Set comes with the following:

• Multi Layer Brush
• Polistar Lintygrey Compound (90g)
• COSIMA Soft Buff
• MIRA Polishing Buff
• Polistar Cream (90g)
• Polistar Pro Pink (150g)
• AlphaCard Pocket Card

A combination of the Hatho Multi Layer Brush and Polistar Lintygrey Compound is comparable to no two other products for the pre-polishing process. The Multi Layer Brush is equipped with specially selected cloth or fiber in a design that retains the Compound on the brush, leaving you with an evenly polished thermoplastic after three minutes. Thanks to the high-concentration polishing abrasives found in Polistar Cream and Pro Pink that are used on the COSIMA and MIRA buffs, the sparkle and shine on the appliance will be brighter than ever before.

When this three step polishing process is completed, the evident improvement of the denture surface will benefit the result of a happy polisher and patient.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 300 × 300 × 300 mm