Basic Master


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Basic master 25-70µ/70-250 µ 100-120 V

Fine sandblasting unit with 2 tanks

Function & Performance
The Basic master microblaster is a genuine space-saver and provides great freedom of movement. The unit is equipped with 2 tanks.


  • Precise blasting with the special mixing chamber technology (Venturi principle).
  • Large volume blasting chamber provides maximum freedom of movement.
  • Ventilation slots ensure optimal ventilation of the blasting chamber and a clear view (PerfectView-Concept).
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The Basic master is preferred by laboratories, which expect a higher workload. The many extras in terms of ergonomics, ventilation and durability optimise continuous operation of the unit.
There are also two abrasive tanks for all the standard requirements in dental technology, e.g. precious metal and ceramic with abrasives from 25-70 μm and 70-250 μm.

Abrasive chamber volume
20 l

Additional information

Weight 2857.19 oz
Dimensions 460 × 395 × 285 mm